We craft stories from data.
We also teach you how.

Want to communicate insights from data in engaging ways?
We can help.


We craft stories from data.

  • Data Presentations
  • Data Animations
  • AR Videos
  • Storytelling Research
  • &
  • More ...

Our work has been featured by Visual Capitalist, the World Economic Forum & Forbes India.


We also teach you how.

Joyful Data is a Data Visualization & Storytelling Workshop to help people become successful data communicators. We inspire teams to use out-of-the box techniques to make data communication exciting for all stakeholders. The workshop is a great opportunity to spark a data storytelling culture at your workplace. We do customised workshops for corporates, not-for-profits & academic institutions.


We are data humanists.

Most folks find it a challenge to make sense of numbers. It's equally challenging to communicate them. As data humanists we help humanise the numbers by presenting them in ways humans can relate. Our vision at Bezalel Data is to create a culture of data humanism in the workplace.

Richie Lionell, founder of Bezalel Data is a data humanist with one foot in technology and the other in the arts. Apart from building exciting data story microsites, he has also trained professionals on data storytelling & visualization at corporates, non-profits, media houses & business schools. Richie is the co-author of ‘From Data to Stories’, a book on data comic storytelling.

What's behind the name 'Bezalel'?

The inspiration behind Bezalel Data is the ancient Biblical artist Bezalel. Bezalel was blessed by God with the ability to do all manner of artistic work and to teach others the same. (From Exodus 35:30-35)